Saturday, June 25, 2011

Somebody Is!

Have you ever had one of those weeks? Maybe it's not just a week but rather you feel you have been walking through the valley of darkness for awhile. Maybe you are weary. However, there are those times when, in the midst of it, you know that somebody is praying for you. What a difference if can make.
I had a week full of struggles for many different reasons and some of it is residual stuff that has been going on for awhile, but it all just became a little too much. BUT I knew, I FELT somebody, actually many somebodies praying me through.What a blessing! We all need prayer warriors and it is something that we can offer to others in our lives. But don't just say "I'll pray for you" actually DO it and then follow up with them to see how things are going. If the time is appropriate, say "do you mind if I pray for you right now?" It doesn't matter how you think the prayer sounds; God knows your heart and the other person feels loved and cared for, and above all, not alone in their struggles.
Whatever is going on in your life today, know that you are not alone. Feel free to share your prayer requests here or under this link on facebook or in an email and know that I will be praying you through.

"Somebody's Praying You Through" By Allen Asbury:

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