Saturday, February 28, 2015

Holy Flipping

First of all, I can't believe it has been almost an entire year since I posted! Granted, 2014 was a busy year as we welcomed another child into our home and continued to get used to our new town. But still, a year is a long time!

In the past year, I have also done the very important work of discovering shows on Netflix that help me zone out at the end of a long day. For instance, I never watched "The West Wing" and is that a great show! I used to get so mad when it won all the awards and now I see why.

But in the past month, I've discovered a new show that I love: "Flee Market Flip." It is a show hosted by Lara Spencer from Good Morning America. The premise of the show is that two teams, consisting of two people, get $500 to go spend at a flee market to buy any items they want to use to transform for 3 projects that they will then sell at another flee market. Whoever, gets the most profit off their sales wins $5,000. I find it fascinating that someone sees a vase and a mirror and in their mind already transforms it to be a unique side table. Some of the projects are funky and unique, some are trendy, some bring a piece back to its' original glory. The transformations always blow me away and I love to see that pieces that may not connect with me (and obviously not many others) just draws a certain person in and completely connects with them.

I worship a God who does some holy flipping (that statement may get me in trouble ;-) We may look at the mess of someone else's life and wonder how God can possibly redeem that for good (or maybe someone is looking at our life thinking the same) but God is the master crafter who does just that. God crafts us into His beautiful pieces. And while our life story may not connect with everyone else, there is someone out there who is going to find hope through you. So share your life story with someone. You may not think it's anything special or maybe you are ashamed of some of its' parts, but by doing so, you get to show how God has worked in you and through you. For those of you that haven't committed to a Lenten discipline, maybe simply sharing your story could be a way to draw closer to God (and maybe help another draw closer to God too)  in this holy season.