Friday, December 16, 2011

Seeing From Another Perspective

It is a time of the year where we focus a lot on Mary. We think about Mary’s journey while pregnant, we think about Mary’s birth NOT in a birthing suite with all the amenities, we think about Mary wrapping Jesus in swaddling clothes, we think about Mary taking in all of what happened on that night and “pondering these things in her heart.” But I find myself thinking about Joseph. We don’t know a lot from the Scriptures about what Joseph said or what all he did. How did Joseph feel about the birth of what he would raise as “his son” but who was not his by blood?
In July, we had our foster son placed in our arms; it is a moment I will not forget. We have had 3 of our biological children placed in our arms before that. Can I tell you that the same OVERWHELMING sense of love, joy and awe of God’s creation came over us!
I keep finding myself completely overcome with emotion as I think about this precious baby that was placed in our care. It keeps bringing back an image of Joseph, who I believe, held Jesus for the first time and stared with wonder at this beautiful baby. He, too, fell in love and in that moment accepted the responsibility to raise him and nurture him, “blood” or not. Yes, the birth of Christ is amazing in so many ways but one of those that we often don’t focus on is Joseph and his choice to jump in and “adopt” Jesus and raise him as his own.  We know that Joseph protected his young family and we know that he taught Jesus his trade as a carpenter. Both of these are signs of a parent living out their call.
So while I will be singing songs this Christmas about Mary and her baby boy or hearing the scripture that paints the scene of Mary and Jesus, I will be picturing Joseph beaming while holding Jesus and knowing the blessing of the lesson that Joseph taught us all if pay attention and see things from his exceptional perspective.

Here is Joseph’s Lullaby from Mercy Me….

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