Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Remember when you are sitting at the Thanksgiving table tomorrow....

to be thankful for the blessing of the family that surrounds you. Yes, that family may drive you nuts, make you cringe with some of their jokes or remarks, may bore you with the same stories year after year, may make your stomach hurt with a special recipe that never turns out so wonderful, etc. BUT you are blessed to have a family! This year as I gather around my 2 Thanksgiving tables with both sides of the family, I will look around and know that I am blessed to belong. In response to my gratitude for the blessing of a family, I will be giving to help fund the adoptions of those that hope that soon they too will be a part of someone's Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and  plain-ole'-everyday table!

I encourage you to make this part of your tradition this Thanksgiving: to find a family that is seeking to adopt a child or for a child that is waiting to be adopted and has a fund set up for when their forever family finds them.

Here are a few suggestions to connect you with a child/children that you could support:

At you will find the story of a little boy who changed our lives. (you can read about it here


You can go to to learn about all sorts of special needs children from around the world who are awaiting adoption.

OR for a local family's upcoming adoption.

Wishing you and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving!

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