Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mommy and Ministry

This past Sunday at the 11:00 (contemporary service) I was leading worship with Pastor Jane (she is our new pator that has only been there for the last 3 weeks). My children were down in Sunday School and upstairs we were entering the time for Holy Communion in the sanctuary. As Jane and I stood on the altar, she began to speak the beautiful communion liturgy. I am listening intently and then I happen to see outside the sanctuary doors. I notice my son Jonah is being brought back upstairs by one of the Sunday School teachers. I didn't think that was too odd because my children usually come back upstairs so they can participate in communion. However, I am seeing that he is negotiating with the teacher; I can tell that he is giving him the "I can go in there myself and sit with my daddy, I don't need an escort." My husband and my parents were in the back row and I saw Jonah walk into the sanctuary...and keep on walking. He begins to walk down that long aisle. All the while, there is a part of me that is hoping the liturgy hurries up and gets over before the inevitable happens. But this is not to happen as Jane was only in the middle of it. Then this sweet face comes down to the front of the church and goes to the front row where Jane and I had been sitting.

 I thought it would buy me a few minutes, but again, this was not to be. He grabbed my keys and proceeded to walk up the stairs of the altar and bring them to me IN THE MIDDLE OF COMMUNION LITURGY! Pastor Jane once again proved her grace and ability to roll with things. She says "Thank you Jonah" and keeps right on saying the liturgy.
I admit it, I was embarrassed. There is something to be said for the pressures of PK's (Pastor's Kids). It is pressure for them to be under the microscope and held sometimes to a different standard. As a parent, as a pastor, I feel the need to have my kids behave well in public settings. It is not always easy. Kids are kids. They pick their noses, show their underwear, roll their eyes (oh I hate that one!), they don't listen every time you tell the not to do something, etc., etc. BUT Jesus welcomed the children. Welcomed them for what they can teach us as well as what we can teach them. They have perspectives that have not been tarnished by pessimism, they know how to live a life seeking the joy and abundance that God offers, they know how to appreciate the simple things and to love beyond measure.
So I took my "moment" where the mommy and pastor worlds collided and used it for my benediction :-) I basically said, that even though it was embarrassing, that we should all have the same enthusiasm as Jonah to find where God is actively working and jump in and join in that kingdom work. 
Whatever embarrassing moments you may have or those moments where your different roles in life tug at you, may you find the laughter and grace of God whispering life's lessons to you. 

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